Even if you do not live on a lake, you can help keep it clean.  One of the easiest ways is to use lake-friendly, phosphorus-free fertilizer.   Lake Hopatcong is turning green and the phosphorous  monster can ruin our Lake.   When too much  phosphorus enters the Lake, algae and weed  growth become uncontrollable.  Using a lake-friendly, phosphorus-free lawn fertilizer will help protect the Lake and will not compromise your lawn’s appearance. 

Fertilizer Use:



Roxbury Sparta
Headley Lumber Inc.
Weldon Road, Oak Ridge
Roxbury Garden Center & Supply
5 Howard Blvd., Ledgewood
Mohawk Gardens
163 Woodport Road
True Value of Lakeside
20 Bowling Green Pkwy., Lake Hopatcong
Station Hardware & Garden Center
101 Kings Highway, Landing


Mount Olive


Hopatcong Hardware
53 Hopatcong Road
20 International Drive South Flanders

John's Home and Garden Center
2850 State Route 23 South

There may be additional vendors nearby who also carry phosphorus-free fertilizer.  This listing is not intended to be a recommendation of these businesses, their products, or prices by the Lake Hopatcong Commission.

The Lake Hopatcong Commission encourages retailers that carry phosphorus-free fertilizer to participate in our lake-friendly fertilizer program.   To obtain a free, lake-friendly fertilizer sign and to list your business as a participating retailer, please contact the Commission at lkhopcom@lakehopatcong.org.

To purchase phosphorus-free, lake-friendly fertilizer, look for the Lake-Friendly Fertilizer signs at your local hardware stores, nurseries and home improvement centers. 

To make sure your fertilizer is lake-friendly, simply check the fertilizer bag.  The phosphorous content is measured as phosphate and appears as the middle number in a series of three numbers printed on the bag.


Courtesy of Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

Proper lawn care and using phosphorus-free fertilizer is essential to control excess weed growth and algae in our lakes and waterways.  To learn more on what you can do to help stop Lake Hopatcong from turning green, download a copy of Lawn Fertilizer Impact on Lake Hopatcong and Preventive Measures, Water Spouts,  and an Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Guide

As part of the US EPA Targeted Watershed grant, the Lake Hopatcong Commission is conducting a Lawn Fertilizer Study to determine the impact of using fertilizer with phosphorus instead of non-phosphorus, lake-friendly fertilizer.  Last year lakefront volunteers agreed to install lawn samplers on their lawns which allows stormwater runoff to collect in the samplers.  In the spring 2008, the volunteers applied fertilizer with phosphorus and in spring, 2009 lake-friendly lawn fertilizer was applied.  During a rainstorm, the stormwater samples are collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  The Commission's environmental consultant, Princeton Hydro is conducting further analysis on the data.   As part of the project, the Lawn Fertilizer Impact on Lake Hopatcong and Preventive Measures brochure will be revised to include results from the study.