Hopatcong State Park Weed Harvesting Program 2017
The following is our intended weed cutting plan.
Phase 1:  June 19, 2017 through July 14, 2017
The harvesters will get on the lake to begin training new seasonal employees on the weed harvesting machines.
The lake weeds will be harvested in all coves between Hopatcong State Park and the Northern side of Bertram’s Island; to include Clam Bake Cove, Point Pleasant, King Cove, and Ingram’s Cove.  An additional harvester will be cutting in Crescent Cove and River Styx to help open waterways.
Dates for the next two phases of the program will be posted as we get close to the end of a phase.
Phase 2:
The weeds will be cut in the following areas: the shoreline in the area near Lee’s County Park, Great Cove, Davis Point, Nolan’s Point, Brady Bridge area, Woodport, around Halsey Island and Raccoon Island.
Phase 3:
The weeds will be harvested in Byram Bay, Byram Cove, Point Breeze, and Henderson Cove.

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