LAKE HOPATCONG WEED HARVESTING PROGRAM 2016: Please be advised that the State Park Service (SPS) will commence phase one of the Lake Hopatcong aquatic weed harvesting program on/about May 27, 2016.  Phase one, which is expected to last 3 to 4 weeks, will include River Styx and Crescent Cove, and areas from Bertrand Island south towards Hopatcong State Park and Landing areas.  Harvest areas for additional phases will be assessed as phase one nears completion, with determining factors to include severity of weed growth, weather, personnel and equipment availability.  It should be noted that designated harvest locations on the lake are subject to change due to weed growth, personnel and equipment availability, weather, and other unforeseen factors.  The public and all interested parties may contact Daniel Bello of the State Park Service, at 973-398-1555, with questions and concerns regarding the Program.